Tai ChiA Sifu's OathTai Chi

By Sifu Ken Zaborowski


I Swear by the Eternal Light
To Dedicate my Life to the Attainment of Taiji
& To Achieve this Through the Constant Honing of my Sword,

To Hone my Sword Physically,
 Through Daily Training & Practice of Taijiquan
& Through Daily Conditioning Exercises & Proper Diet.

To Hone my Sword Mentally,
Through Daily use of Meditation & Contemplation. 
By Always Looking to Enlarge my Understanding;
Through Study, to Profit from Those Who Came Before Me,
By Experience & Through Gnosis,
Increasing my Range of Knowledge by Entering Unknown Realms,
& Through Considering the Familiar in a New Light.

To Hone my Sword Spiritually,
By Viewing All Around me Through the Lens of Compassion
& To Always Side with What I Know Is Right. 
To Listen to Others and What They can Teach me,
& To Speak when Necessary,
So Others may Learn from Me.

I Ask Humbly for the Sword’s Strength,
So that I may be a Worthy Vessel
To Contain this Knowledge
& Be the Proper Instrument of It’s Transmission.  
To have the Fortitude to Travel my Own Life’s Path,
No matter how Difficult,
& Be a Credit to My Teachers
& An Inspiration to My Students.