Inner Strength-Peace

History of White Lotus



The White Lotus Martial Arts Center was established in 1977 by Headmaster David J. Everett for the purpose of bringing authentic and traditional Chinese martial arts to Central Connecticut. Since then, we have added the combat-effective art of Pekiti Tirsia Philippine Kali. Mr. Everett has been involved in the study of various martial arts for over 40 years. He has studied from many of the most prolific masters of our time, including; Daniel K. Pai, Koichi Tohei, Dan Inosanto, Leo Gaje, William R. McGrath, Wu Jen Dai and Manfred Steiner. He continues to teach master level classes in all arts on a monthly basis.

The symbol of the lotus was chosen because it represents a thousand facets of knowledge unfolding through practice and it depicts the unseen inner forces which can rise to the surface in any individual dedicated enough to find the truth.

Since its inception, White Lotus Martial Arts Center has striven to focus on presenting martial arts as an activity for personal development rather than for sport or competition, although our students have regularly participated in and excelled in these other areas. Regular practice in the martial arts that we offer will build confidence and hone skills in other areas of life, whether they be professional, academic, or recreational.

Only through participation in these mind/body arts will the individual truly appreciate their intrinsic value. All people are welcome to email us or go to the class schedule page and arrange for a free introductory class.